Java Tutorial #6 — Intro to if/else logic

Topics Discussed: If/Else logic and structure, if “conditionals” Source Code for Lesson 6: import java.util.Scanner; class Jtutorial1 { public static void main(String args[]){ Scanner input = new Scanner(; int a = 0, b=0; //Boolean operator. == a = 4? = a is now = 4; //If conditional -- Goes into the brackets of the if,... » read more

Java Tutorial #7 — Nested If / else structure and logic

*Note*: My apologies for the volume being somewhat screwed up, Starcraft II turned up microphone boost on its own. This gets fixed in a few videos. Topics Discussed: The structure behind using nested if statements effectively and how easy it is to get them confused! Source Code for Lesson 7: import java.util.Scanner; class Jtutorial1 {... » read more