Java Tutorial #4 — Working with the debugger: Errors happen!

Topics Discussed: Using the built in debugger to show us what is happening within our programs

Source Code Available Here

In this lesson we look at some of the most common errors that we’ll be running into throughout learning to code.

Common error messages:

; expected
This one is fairly simple it means that at some point you left out a semicolon
} expected
This is the same basic idea as above.

Using the built-in-debugger:
Using the debugger to better understand how our programs are running behind the scenes will teach us a lot about how the program acts, but also how our code handles things. To run the debugger, go up to the debug menu, and simply select “step into / step over”

Below is a cheat sheet on what each thing in the debugger means.

Step over- Go to the next line (and execute it)
Step over expression- Step over individual expressions within a statement
Step into: Go into a method
Step into next method:  Run everything to the next method.
Run to cursor: Compile normally until when they insertion point is reached.

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